Day in and day out….

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. I am very very bad about this. I do have to vent however…

Yesterday, as I was walking home from work I got mugged in the streets of Seattle. Seriously…living in NYC for the last 6 years in the village (sometimes can be super sketch) and I have never gotten robbed or mugged. This is the first!! Not only did I felt so violated, the feeling of being unsafe was horrendous! Luckily, Seattle PD came promptly and did all the police report jazz. The officer even took me home. That would have never happened in NYC. Although I had a horrible evening, my girlfriend came to the rescue! She was visiting Seattle and brought me beautiful jewels!!! check it out!





In conclusion, a bad evening can always be good with great friends and family! Cheers!



Look of the Day – Office

I’ve recently started working in an office job again. Yikes! It’s so hard to wear ‘certain’ things that are still appropriate. I was able to find some good things while shopping on Black Friday. Here is a pic of me today wearing my amazing Celine skirt that I got for $35 bucks at a vintage shop (remember I wrote about this at ! Along with my skirt, I’m wearing a leotard (I did ballet for a bit), my Sweet 1985 .22 bullet tassle necklace and lastly my amazing thigh-high boots by Pour La Victoire.

Office Look of the Day

Office look of the day!

Hope you all enjoy it!