The Designer behind Ashley B

A few years back, I was introduced to a french guy by my then roommate. Instantaneously, we hit it off and became great friends over the year. Not only is he amazing, so is his girlfriend Jenny Carnival. She is the designer behind Ashley B! I am so proud of her new collection. She made puffy ski jackets trendy and sleek. I cannot wait to get my hands on these jackets. Jenny is someone you need to watch in the Fashion World. Check out her collection!


                             I love capes – this is my absolutely favourite.


I am just so proud of her! You get get these jackets at

Check out their website…



Sneak Peek – Haley Steffan (Lush Model)

Since I moved to Seattle, the pool of models is just not like NYC. I’m not saying there are not great models out here, but it’s just different. I’ve found Haley through a ‘non-local’ photographer that I worked with. She’s only been modeling for the last 3 – 4 months but she’s nailing it. Check this girl out.

Now the Behind the Scene photos!!

Photographer Steven Starr

Beautifying the model! I was seriously dying in this photo.

Talented MUA Sofia Lyons is making Haley pretty!

Working hard!

An editorial spread from this shoot will be out soon! Thank you for reading.



Look of the Day – Office

I’ve recently started working in an office job again. Yikes! It’s so hard to wear ‘certain’ things that are still appropriate. I was able to find some good things while shopping on Black Friday. Here is a pic of me today wearing my amazing Celine skirt that I got for $35 bucks at a vintage shop (remember I wrote about this at ! Along with my skirt, I’m wearing a leotard (I did ballet for a bit), my Sweet 1985 .22 bullet tassle necklace and lastly my amazing thigh-high boots by Pour La Victoire.

Office Look of the Day

Office look of the day!

Hope you all enjoy it!

Black Friday Shopping and beyond..

I know most of you are running down to the department stores to pick up items on sale. Well as most of my friends know, I avoid crowds at all cost. I think living in NYC in the last few years had made me into an introvert (ironically). I like to shop in peace so anywhere with a lot of people I tend to stray away. So, being in Seattle this year I have decided to go vintage/consignment shopping. Here are some great finds I was able to get in Capitol Hill, Seattle.


Amazingly soft and beautifully printed sweater for $15! This was an amazing score!


Ok…I have to say that this was my best buy and I was truly fortunate. It was tucked in the back of the store on a rack that no one can even find. This is a lightly used Celine Chevron skirt! It’s so amazing. Also, it was $35. You cannot beat this.

As I was making my way home, I stopped by the Zebra Club in Pike Place and they were having a 40% off of anything black in the store! This is my dream sale as I wear predominately black. The Zebra Club carries a variety of brands, but what caught my eyes were their in house brand. Check out this amazing leather blazer!


Happy Shopping!! Don’t forget about Cyber Monday today!! ❤

A Happy Thanksgiving Meal

Hello there loves. For Thanksgiving this year, we decided to make Thomas Keller’s Roast Salt Chicken instead of a traditional turkey. You can find his recipe


This chicken was not only salty, it was tender and juicy! So delish. Instead of using just regular salt, I mixed up pink salt and sea salt!

ImageMy darlling little deviled quail eggs.


Our complete meal consisted of the brussel sprouts, gravey, mashers and stuffing in addition to our salt chicken and quail eggs. It was an indeed Happy Thanksgiving!!

From my kitchen to yours! Let me know if you have any questions.



Sweet 1985 Apsara Collection

Sweet 1985 Apsara Collection

Get 40% off today off of Sweet 1985 jewelry! Use code “shop1985” on

❤ Happy Black Friday

Just little old me.

Just little old me.

Hello there loves. It’s been a good two years since I’ve written on this blog. I’m going to start posting weekly updates in my crazy life! I’ve recently relocated from the East Coast (NYC) to the West Coast (Seattle) for the next 6 months!

My website for my work is finally up as well…check it out!

July 29, 2010

Today was a fun day! I went to work (that wasnt the fun part of it), however I got off early and went to the Good Beer Event in BK.

Sorry! I took that w/ my camera phone which sucks! I went to the Good Beer festival today and my two favourite places were The Vanderbilt for amazing beef jerky and Umi Nom for amazing pork ribs.

After the Good Beer event at BAM in Brooklym, my BFF and I went to Grom in the West Village for some sorbet and gelato!

Getting gelato on a beautiful summer night!

My Bff and I decided to get Limon sorbet and Green tea gelato at Grom in the West Village, NYC. It was delicious and hit the spot!

After this, it was time to go home. Great way to end a night. Have a great night! Bonne Nuit!

Another day….

So yesterday I took the day off to do personal errands, such as going to the allergist. Since I moved to NYC, I have the worst worst allergies ever and it has to do with the city itself. Everything that contains in New York; i.e. the rats, the cockroaches, the dust mites, molds, etc.  Quite interestingly, before I started my allergy treatments, I took an allergy test and didnt know what to expect. I got pricked by needles about 40 times and had to take an inhaler with steroids for 2 weeks. All this trouble for living in the Big Apple. I supposed in the end it’s all worth it.

Anyway, point is that I had a productive day. Taking a Monday off to run errands is so nice. =)

Alright – good night world.